Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birds are chirping

Two days before, when we see outside form our balcony, we see only the cars in the parking lot and 1-2 people with heavily dressed in jackets, hoods and shoes. There was no noise outside there on the roads and nearby. We just hear noise of trains, cars, school buses and planes. In the winter, we keep all the windows closed, so these noises were also less. The trees had no leaves.

It was so much cold. So, we had to think before going outside for anything. Kids couldn't go to play outside. Either they have to play indoor, watch TV, play Wii or play video games. Most of the time they are busy with studies or electronic gadgets (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Wii, Computer, Video Games etc.). To keep them busy in constructive activities is also a big task.

Since two days, weather is improved. Temperature is increased and summer has started. Suddenly the people started to come out on the roads. The kids have come out to play with their parents or friends. Everywhere, we can see the people on the roads talking, chatting and laughing. Kids are also making noises. Mothers have come with their babies in the strollers and are walking. Yesterday night, when usually there was calm always, the people were walking in the groups and chatting to each other.

Because of hot weather, we kept our windows open. Today morning, I heard noise of birds chirping. I felt so nice. It seems that someone is playing music in my ears. I sat in my balcony with one cup of tea and one book. Still, there was some chill in the morning but bearable with one light sweater. The birds were happy and were playing together. Some birds were taking the foods to their nests. They were very active in the morning.

Trees are also green, leaves have come there on the trees. Grass has become green. The people are going to their offices lightly dressed in sweaters. Kids are going to school. The cats are also running here & there in search of food. Drinking tea, watching outside in the nature and reading the book is a very great experience. I really love it.

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