Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

13 May 2012, Mother's Day. Whole world was celebrating mother's day. But for me, this mother's day was very very special. This was the day, when my mother was born. And also this was the day, when I became mother first time. I had to celebrate this day.

My mother has three sons & two daughters, and I am 4th one. But I am very far away from her. I am in US and she is in India. I haven't met her since 4 years. I hope I will go to meet her sooner. I miss her very much. She is a very nice lady and I am happy that she has got nice daughters-in-law too. They all respect her very much and she also considers them as her daughters. She is an introvert person and talks very less, but she and I share a lot of talks on phone. 13 May is her birthday too. So, I wish my mother Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday.

I also wish my mother-in-law Happy Mother's Day. She is opposite to my mother. She is an extrovert person and also enjoys talking on different things. She is very knowledgeable person and she is there to help every person any time. I respect her very much and she is also nice to me. She loves her grandsons very much and always ready to take care of them.

13 May 2006 was the day when I gave birth to my first son and became a mother. Now, I have two sons and I feel very proud of them. I also celebrated my son's birthday. I wish my son Happy Birthday and myself Happy Mother's Day too. I am very proud and thank God for blessing me with two great mothers and two lovely & affectionate sons.

I wish all the mothers in this world a very Happy Mother's Day. :)